BikerKiss Dating Site Review “2017” - the largest biker personals site! – the largest biker personals site!

BikerKiss is one of the best dating sites to meet bikers. The sites feature a relationship counselor, forum on biker tats, events, forums and loads of very unique features that appeal widely to the REAL biker communities. This is our page for reviews

At Online dating reviews, you determine which biker dating sites are the best. Leave your reviews!
At Online dating reviews, you determine which biker dating sites are the best. Leave your reviews!
Special Note: BikerKiss is operated by SuccessfulMatch. What makes their site so successful is they have many different URL’s that operate the same network. These are all marketing by private parties which has fueled a ton of membership growth in recent years. Therefore, our review of Biker dating sites here does not just apply to BikerKiss.


Besides the typical winks, favorites, chat and the standard modern features you would expect on a dating site BikerKiss stand out by offering:

biker date ideas
biker tattoo discussions
biker forums
biker news and more
Updates underway. Check back for this review.

In the meantime you can go, if you decide to give BikerKiss a try, you can join here.

Webmasters: You can join affiliate program here. (You can also use that same link to partner with BikerKiss to create your own biker dating site.)

Remember to leave your own review if you have ever been a member of This helps everyone stay abreast of the quality and activity levels on different dating sites so that you can make more informed decisions. - the largest biker personals site! – the largest biker personals site!


FREE trial for Standard Members:

    • BikerKiss offers standard membership and gold membership to its users. If you do not want to pay for the gold membership, you can use the standard membership for free. Standard membership gives your many accesses such as sending a wink, commenting on profiles of other users you like, searching by location or username. To access to unlimited services and get more chances, you may consider upgrading membership.

Gold Membership:

  • 1 Month – $29.95 (approximately $1/day)
  • 3 Months – $59.95(approximately $20/month)
  • 6 Months – $95.95 (approximately $16/month)


  • 1. With over 15 years of efforts, the premier dating site – BikerKiss has gathered more than half a million of registered members from USA, UK, Canada, Australia and all over the world. Many special services, except for some general features you can see on other sites, are tailored to rider people who love riding motorcycle or biker singles who are looking for local biker girls or guys for love.
  • 2. When improving and adding every new feature to the site, BikerKiss always takes into consideration the demands of single bikers according to their lifestyle. Some special features like “Motorcycle Type”, “Riding Hobby Search” and “Backseat Search” are tailor made to meet the needs of some special crowds who love riding Harley Davidson, Ducati, Triumph, BMW and etc. As a result, BikerKiss has become a unique online club that serves as a dating service and biker social network.
  • 3. After placing a free dating profile, you are allowed to upload up to 26 profile photos and numerous motorcycle photos, tattoo photos. All the photos will show up on your profile and show others what you are riding and how wonderful your hot body is. “A picture is worth a thousand words” will ensure you to see lots of high-quality user profiles.
  • 4. “Send wink/ice-breaker” feature is made for people who like to try free trial first, and those who are not good at writing a love letter, or those who are shy to say like. You can send winks to others by selecting a message from many system sentences provided by the site. Those messages are successfully used by other biker members to date a perfect match. Those who have not added at least one profile photo or those who hide profile from others are barred from sending a wink. This requirement not only increases your chances to find more trustworthy singles.
  • 5. “List of Verified Members” is another great service which ensures you can meet true loves. This feature provides users three ways to verify their photo, income and driving license. You can choose to verify your account by providing an ID photo. Some people think it is unacceptable at the beginning, but you can see many users would like to work with the site together to improve the network real-name system. If you can not accept this way of verifying your account, the site offers another way to verify photo — Take a photo with your username and the site name “” on a piece of paper.
  • 6. “Emails / Messages“, “Favorites”, “Block list”, “Search by location”, “advanced search” and other familiar dating tools are available on BikerKiss. We will make a solemn introduction about the powerful profile control panel with which you can decide who can see you or contact you. In fact, you may be already familiar with the usage of all above features since we can see them on all dating sites. They are used frequently and do not need to be repeated here so we will focus on the following special features tailored for bikers only.

Special Services Customized for Motorcycle Riders ONLY:

    • 1. “CERTIFIED BIKER” is a great symbolic act of a dramatic difference between BikerKiss and other general dating sites and biker dating sites. provides a simple way for its users to verify the account by sending their motorcycle driving licenses, and show a CERTIFIED symbol under profile. This feature is helpful for both biker women and biker men because all people need better security while looking for love online. With this certified logo showing on other’s profile, you can easily decide whether a people is true or not. Especially for biker women who are looking to be a backseat rider, they can see if they like someone’s motorcycle by clicking the link “View my bike” beside his profile.
    • 2. Backseat or Passenger” is a great search tool made for single men who would like to pick up a hot girl on their backseat, and for single ladies who love riding lifestyle and would like to ride as a passenger. For biker men or guys, taking a beautiful and sexy girl on the backseat and riding to a rally is a proud moment. The only trouble is how to find such a woman to ride with. “Passenger search” feature will actually achieve what you need. This feature also makes BikerKiss more than a dating site, you can treat it as a social network if you are looking to connect with local riding friends. It is said that some women can get satisfaction while riding on the back of a motorcycle, especially on a Harley Davidson.
    • 3. “Biker Tattoo” is an important symbol of biker lifestyle. 65% bikers have their own personalized tattoo graphic on their body, which shows they are special in the world. This feature combines both biker culture with tattoo art, which is two important concept of biker style. A stylish and personalized tattoo on the sinewy arms of a man or on the sexy body of a girl is an another great thing for bikers to be proud of. If you love a biker, you must love all about him or her including his or her tattoo graphic. Show up at the very TOP in searches / Get highlighted as a featured member
    • 4. “Motorcycle Garage” is a great stage for riders to show what they are riding. As a biker, you may know that many care about what type bike you are riding, so show others your riding photo is a sensible act. True bikers are so proud of what they are riding. BikerKiss provides you a great opportunity to display your motorcycles to others. Your riding screen shot will appear on the list of “Motorcycle photos” and on your profile with a link “View my bike”.
    • 5. “Biker Date Ideas” allow users to share their dating experiences with others, which will give you some useful tips about “How to Date a Biker”, “How to marry a biker chick”, “How to dress as a biker” etc. Of course, most dating ideas are written by some veteran bikers registered on the site. - the largest biker personals site! – the largest biker personals site!

Verdict:, as the pioneer of biker dating matchmaker, it did never stop improving site services to satisfy the requirement with BIKERS. In order to cater to the need of bike users, the site creatively built many special features which combine dating business and biker lifestyle together. I witness its transformation because I have stayed on the site for 7 years. It is this that made it as the most suitable biker dating site that all people will like it as long as they are real biker because those special services will greatly increase your chances of dating a rider. In addition, the website focuses on partnering with hundreds of biker sites, local clubs, and even some event organizers, and all of these things will ensure you will meet thousands of local singles who can share the same life style as yours.

It is 100% free to join the site and create a profile within one minute or two. Before upgrading your membership to access all features, you can use the quick search tool to pre-check how many quality user profiles with photos in your area. Try to send out free winks as more as possible to see how many responses you can get. With the test result, you can judge how many active members in your city by yourself. Of course, completing your profile and adding at least one photo is the first requirement of the site. You may not want to reveal your photo to other users too early, then think instead that the requirement will help all users like you see more photos before saying like.

You can see this site has a clear navigation bar. Everything is organized and detailed well, and people using the site for the first time always have a better chance in understanding what every link is doing. On the homepage, “Connections” and “Latest Activities” tools will keep tracking of the activities of your favorites and people in your area. With this user control panel, you can get a real-time track of latest happening of your friends. It will ensure that you will not lose any opportunity to interact with your favorites. It is very clear to pop up every option in the top menu and see where every link will lead. You can see “New Members” and “Members you may like” with quality member photos on the right side. If you would like to experience how BikerKiss merges dating services with biker hobbies, the feature list named “Unique Features” may meet your demands.

There are plenty of biker features and a large number of registered members with high subscription rate, which will ensure that you can meet many people who have a serious attitude towards others for the purpose of dating and relationship. The site has been dedicated to online biker dating service for 14 years since 2001. With more than 500,000 registered users and 1000+ success stories accounts for its credibility, I am sure you can find you true biker lover on Over all, Biker Kiss is the most professional, safe and reliable biker dating site for bikers to find love, friends, and riding buddies. - the largest biker personals site! – the largest biker personals site!

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