Stay Safe Online Dating

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Are you worried about meeting someone online? You don’t need to be if you use proper security measures and services. This section covers ways to protect your identity, do background checks, reverse phone lookups and more…
Avoid Online Dating Scams
Background Checks
Protect Your Identity
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Use Skype to Avoid Online Dating Scams

Before you drop one red cent on a tank of gas or airplane ticket to meet your online date(s) in person, you want to know for sure if he or she is who they claim to be.

One of the best ways to confirm that they are who they say they are is to have a web cam chat or video conversation via Skype.

Scammers will often try to lure potential victims in by posting photos of beautiful people in their profile.

If the person refuses to have a video chat with you, then it’s possible that they look nothing like their profile photo.

If on the other hand, they do accept the invitation to Skype with you, this is the perfect opportunity to check out their story in real-time.

Ask questions related to what they’ve already shared with you via their profile and other text correspondence. If they are telling you the truth, they should be able to answer your questions without difficulty and appear comfortable doing so.

If you already use Skype, I suggest that you set up a new Skype profile for online dating. Set up the new account so that it does not give away personal information such as your surname, birth date or the city in which you reside.

More about Skype:

Skype’s free downloadable software allows you to talk, instant message and make video calls to anyone else on Skype for free.You can also call phones and mobiles and send text messages at great rates.
Skype Credit allows you to call phones & mobiles, send text messages and activate other features like voicemail
Monthly Subscriptions gives you unlimited calls to landlines (and mobiles in some countries) without a long-term contract. Included are voice mail and a discounted online number.
Online Number – it’s your personal number which anyone can call from any phone and you answer the call in Skype
Skype To Go Number allows you to use any phone or mobile to call abroad at Skype’s great rates without using your computer. Numbers are available in 11 countries.
Voicemail means you’ll never miss a call, even when you’re offline or unavailable
SMS (Text Messages) send low-cost text messages to any mobile in the world directly from Skype
Call Forwarding directly your incoming Skype calls to your mobile so that you never miss a call, even when you’re offline.
Skype Credit allows you to call phones & mobiles, send text messages and activate other features like voicemail.
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Guys, careful! Some girls try to connect with you and after all they are from Ghana or other African country and the profile shows like they live in the USA. Do not waste time, ask for a video conference and pay attention to any prior recorded video. Any communication should be real at any time, sometimes they put for the excuse that they don’t have webcam or microphone and pre recorded a video!! Make sure that they are real, I tell you for the experience. Also never send money !!!! there are many dating places out there…always check the identity of another person who is contacting you to know that she/he is real. I am married to a wonderful Russian girl and have a little girl, but before meeting her had to experience by my own before skype, at that time had ICQ. Good luck to you and hope you find the right person in your life.

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